At She a Gamer we believe in the ideals that everyone should be able to enjoy playing videogames equally and that being a gamer should be a source of great pride. No matter the genre of game you play, difficulty settings you play on, whether you rank bronze or grandmaster, you belong to the largest and coolest community on the planet. You're a gamer and that's honestly pretty awesome! Still, despite being part of the amazing gaming world we had found that some women were, unfortunately, having a much harder time being able to enjoy the games they love regardless of their skill level because they didn't feel accepted as gamers and some women straight up said they didn't think girls were even allowed to play videogames.


Our mission is to do our small part in helping shift the general perceptions around gaming and especially around "girl gamers" to help the rest of the world catchup with the times and see you for who you really are, an awesome gamer. Our approach is to help you and millions of other gaming women around the world show your elite gaming side proudly with your own e-sports inspired gaming brand exclusively made to support, encourage and represent women in the gaming scene.


We do this by focusing our designs on top-tier gaming and e-sports vibes that demonstrate the depth and sharpness of the genre We tweak the design to give a more feminine feel to ensure that those gazing upon your elite gaming attire will see the true power, beauty and strength that you hold as a woman, an individual and as a gamer. Humor is a large part in the design process as well. Honestly, it can be exhausting being a super serious try hard pro all the time and it feels nice to relax and have a good time, just playing for fun and making memories with your friends and the combined attitudes of serious and fun are core to us as designers and as gamers.


At She a Gamer we find great importance and purpose in the mission we set out to achieve and strive daily to do our part in opening the eyes of people to the fact that women are and have been a huge part of the gaming world for some time now and that it is something they are just going to have to get used to because you should be celebrated, not judged. In such we wanted to give every shirt the real vibe that we're all part of this team together and so our design experts have added branding on the backs, shoulders and inside labels of all the t-shirts and hoodies found in the Elite Collection so that everyone can clearly see you're part of the team! We also offer non-branded, more traditional shirt designs in the Standard Collection for those who prefer a slightly more subtle look and feel.